Glen Scouller RSW RGI

Glen Scouller was born in 1950. The trigger for his journey into art was his eighth birthday, when his uncle, who had trained in art, bought him a small set of oil paints and gave him a demonstration of how to do a portrait - Glen can still remember his first smell of oil paints to this day.


His initial encounter with art was further nurtured at Garthamlock Secondary School, Glasgow, where he was taught by John Clark and James Spence RGI RSW PAI. It was a healthy learning environment and six of Glen's class were to go on to art school, as Glen did when he enrolled at the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in 1968. He went on to excel at art school (1968 - 73, including a post-graduate year) and thrived under the mentoring of David Donaldson ARSA RSA and, in particular under the tutelage of John Cunningham RGI and Duncan Shanks RSA RSW RGI. You can clearly see the influence of Cunningham's passion for colour, his freshness and vitality and his bold, confident brushstrokes on Scouller's work. You can also see elements of Shank's understanding of nature, climate, variations in light conditions, spacial awareness and his colour and abstraction.


Glen absorbed these technical elements and also drew on the work of Edgar Degas, Egon Schiele, Georges Rouault, Joan Eardley and the drawings of Auguste Rodin to shape and create his own original style.


That style and his resulting draughtsmanship are both powerful and exceptional. His standing within the Scottish artistic community has been recognised by his election to RGI (Royal Glasgow Institute) in 1989 and for his outstanding watercolour skills, by his election to RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour) in 1997.


With Scouller you have one of Scotland's most outstanding modern colourists. His landscapes and townscapes demonstrate his unrivalled understanding and command of colour and natural light conditions.


Scouller has successfully created his own artistic language, with a deliberately higher-key colour palette to strengthen the viewer's engagement with, and the visual reaction to his compositions. He draughts 'on the spot' and takes, in his words 'a frustratingly long time' to select the perfect light conditions and subjects that will prove persuasive to the viewer. His resulting compositions have an alluring, attractive quality that is undoubtedly eye-drawing and addictive.


In addition to more local subject locations, Scouller has frequently returned to paint in and around Collioure in the Languedoc on the Mediterranean, in the South of France, in an area just north of Catalonia and Barcelona in Northern Spain. Our show includes many locations within this region including Collioure, Argeles Sur Mer, Montesquieu des Alberes and Port Vendres. In selecting these locations, he deliberately eschews postcard and chocolate box settings, in favour of what he sees as alternative more characterful, and realistic urban, coastal or semi-rural environments. In doing so, he avoids gimmick and focuses us on the true and timeless quality of his painting and marking skills.


These qualities are also reflected in the synthesis and sense of theatre that he achieves with his stunning and vibrant still life compositions. These studies become memorable, because he carefully selects a higher colour palette and objects that will endure and will evoke a longer lasting sense of visual pleasure and enjoyment.


If you take time to study and absorb any Scouller painting, whether one of his oil or watercolour compositions, you will find yourself gaining an immediate sense of respect for the artistic conversation that he successfully creates with you. It is a positive and optimistic conversation and one that you will undoubtedly enjoy, with probably one of the best and most complete Scottish artists of our generation.